Get to know the best  Acrobatic and Circus School!

Upside Down Acrobatic and Circus School is based within

South Eastern All Stars in Cranbourne.


Acrobatic and Circus classes are a fantastic way to develop strength, agility and confidence. During the classes students will learn tumbling (such as forward rolls, handstands and cartwheels) and acrobalance (building pyramids). In addition to this students will also learn the basics of juggling and hula-hoops. Upside Down is the perfect place for newcomers and those with a little more experience.


Vision Statement

Upside Down Acrobatic and Circus School’s vision is to create a world-class purpose-built facility where people of all ages are comfortable to be physically active in a fun, inclusive, non-competitive and supportive environment. We strive to improve the resilience and wellbeing within our community by providing a safe environment for people to connect and combine creative expression with physical activity. Our student enrolments will represent the diversity of our community and everyone will feel welcome and valued.



Acrobatic Arts


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